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Who We Are

Well, We're Artists!

Located in Union, South Carolina, Old Pump Soaps prides itself on perfecting all natural products that benefit you, the environment, as well as other local artists/craftsmen/farmers.

All of our labels are real works of art, made by talented family, friends, and community members! Oils, Acrylics, Drawings- we love it all! We have works from all kinds of great people; from nine-years-old to 78, we love seeing the different styles. The depth and personality it gives to our products is something we cherish and love to share with you! 

We locally source many of out ingredients. We've met many great friends, and fellow crafters,  at our local Farmer's Market. The connections have been invaluable and have allowed us to create even more, and even better, products to share with you. Honey, eggs, beer, pottery, goat milk, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and much more, have all been passed along to us and continue to be an essential part of Old Pump Soaps.

Why We Do

What We Do


We know how enticing it is to buy a $1-$3 bar of soap. It's cheap, it's easy, but; it's not real soap. It's a bar of detergent and chemicals. Commercially-produced (or store-bought) soaps are commonly processed to extract the glycerin (a natural byproduct of the soapification process). The removed glycerin is then manufactured into other profitable products, such as, lotions and creams. They strip moisture from you body by way of detergent soaps, and then charge you $15-$20 for moisturizer to but it back in! All of this can be avoided by using an All-Natural Soap in the first place and not pulling from your skin. 


Real soap has a base of of three things: liquid, fats, and sodium hydroxide (lye). Commercial soaps are often not soaps at all. If you pay attention to the names, it’s often, "body bar", "face bar", "beauty bar", "or cream bar." They mask themselves as soap- but they're merely soap-shaped impostors.


We take all that nonsense away. Natural fats and Essential Oils- because- as much as Fragrance Oils smell good, they give people headaches for a reason- they're fake. Essential oils,on the other hand, are 100% pure oils extracted from plant material. 


We love Real.

Real people. Real products. Real Connections.


We started Old Pump Soaps because we cared about what was going on our skin everyday. We use so many products without even thinking about it. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, face wash, facial moisturizer, lotion, deodorant, fragrance- all in a day. It was a simple thought that got us started- better, natural, options for our family and community. We never even considered where all those chemicals from the commercial products that we had used for so long had gone once they rinse down the drain. We do now.

We live in an imperfect world. This means, things break, and leak, and pollute. The chemicals that don't belong on your skin can to make their way into the world around us. Millions of showers are taken each day around the world; which means millions of chemical detergents running down drains. With Old Pump Soaps, there's none of that nonsense.