Who We Are

Well, We're Artists!

Located in Union, South Carolina, Old Pump Soaps prides itself on perfecting all natural products that benefit you, the environment, as well as other local artists/craftsmen/farmers.

All of our labels are real works of art, made by talented family, friends, and community members! Oils, Acrylics, Drawings- we love it all! We have works from all kinds of great people; from nine-years-old to 78, we love seeing the different styles. The depth and personality it gives to our products is something we cherish and love to share with you! 

We locally source many of out ingredients. We've met many great friends, and fellow crafters,  at our local Farmer's Market. The connections have been invaluable and have allowed us to create even more, and even better, products to share with you. Honey, eggs, beer, pottery, goat milk, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and much more, have all been passed along to us and continue to be an essential part of Old Pump Soaps.