Most commercial "soap" probably isn't soap at all. Real, natural, soap takes time and is a delicate balance of quality oils, butters, fats, clays, and essential oils. Many big-name brands don't even sell soap at all (they obscure their non-soapy reality by calling themselves "body creams", "facial bars," and all sorts of other inventive euphemisms to skate-by under the guise of being an actual soap. But, alas, they are not.) They are lonely, soap-shaped, detergent bars. Like expecting a Chocolate Chip Cookie, and biting into a Raisin. These Detergent bars are sent on a big-budget mission to clean you just well enough to not notice that there is no moisture. Dry skin means you'll have to purchase more high-end products like lotions and moisturizers. Detergent bars work against the body, not with it. Go Natural.